Wednesday, May 13, 2009

& Now We Go

here in papua new guinea
it is hot
& humid
i mean 95 degrees in the shade hot, alongside 100% humidity
no air conditioning:)
so despite the heat & dripping air
we are all doing well
we seem to be tired of Lae
at least i am
i am ready to move on up to the mountains where the earth is greener & richer & cooler, where tall majestic mountains take precedence over any foul mood
the Martin Luther Seminary is quite a wonderful place
we have been so deeply welcomed by the people here
my favourite moments so far have been
going to the grocery store in town
laughing with the papua new guineans
& the many times throughout the day where we 10 are just sitting in our home
reading, writing, listening to music
or just simply being
looking out our huge front room window seeing the paradise before us
the moments of silence, wherein we are doing nothing, are the moments wherein i feel most peace
i am quite tired of always doing something
rehearsing, performing, representing Fox & America
so my constant struggle is to be present in each moment
& not to become too frustrated with our expectations

we leave Lae in the morning
& drive all the way to Ukurumpa, i'm ready to be on the road!

we have a performance this afternoon of scenes we've created with the students attending the seminary, there will be a huge crowd, should be interesting!
we never quite know what to expect with anything we ever do here
freeing & binding at the same time

it is 12:15 here, i leave now for lunch then on with whatever else we have to do today

i love you all & miss you terribly, hopefully i can write you from those powerful papua new guinea mountains

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  1. so good to hear of what is happening. i'm quite jealous of you.