Monday, June 15, 2009

Ponderings of Wonder Filled Wanderings

so i have been in these mighty states for a few weeks now
slowly getting back into the routine of routine
& i hate it
i feel so restless
i ache to leave again
to travel
to be & breathe in a place other than this one

i have been doing a lot of thinking about papua new guinea
processing my time there
for all it's heartache & desperate loneliness
i find myself missing the true, continuous joy i felt there
it was contagious
you could feel whenever you met a papua new guinean
see it in their eyes
feel it in their hands
they're so desperate for relationship
their first instinct is to reach out
& then you reach back & you realize they give you so much more
than you could have ever given them

i miss seeing the green south pacific earth
smelling it
seeing all those vibrant flowers
hearing the birds
i miss feeling that "other world sun"
& the stars
how they seem somehow more pure there than here

i try to explain papua new guinea to loved ones
& they think they understand
yet true comprehension cannot be felt
unless one journies there
many things of papua new guinea i cannot explain in words
yet i do now believe
since being there
kindness is love in purest truth
no wall is a good thing
fear is of human invention
a comfortable excuse for us to not try
& all one truly needs
is love

i realize now i am not done traveling the world
i will wait for no one
i feel our beautiful wonderous Earth calling me
reaching out
& i'll be damned not to reach back

soon again,