Monday, June 15, 2009


  1. I love your photos! Ah....memories... :)

  2. dear cyn.
    I have read through your blogs and feel your joy and pain. i wish i were able to give you something, a hug, a smile, a cry... so you could feel how deeply i understand this confusion you feel. it is the confusion of a traveller, encountering culture and change and wondering "who am I in this?" So many of your ramblings about Papua New Guinea I resonate with... in regard to both Africa and Ireland. The restless violence, the mistrust, the hurt... but also the indescribable beauty that words are too hard to find.

    I cannot say that I understand YOU and Your struggles precisely, but I can say that I will sit with you on the mourning bench and feel with you what you and I both need to feel.

    silence is sometimes the best, but be sure to process it all as well. I am still processing uganda and rwanda, let alone ireland. and when conversation is available for you and i, how brilliant it will be.

    until then, i sit here on the misty green island, as you said, and try to attain my own peace in the midst of studying conflict.

    keep holding tight. you are strong. and you bless all you in encounter. in the mystery of relationship with those you met in Papua, find beauty. in the words that are lost, find peace. in the presence of God, find rest.

    love you dearly.
    you are grand.