Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Negating Negativity

we leave on monday
& in my opinion
we all complain too much
except for jere & sarah
they don't really ever complain
so essentially
what complaining & grumpiness does exist
needs to at least be less common & our joyful rememberance of our purpose more prominent
despite finals stress & "packing to leave the country stress"
we all need a shift in heart & mind
because the only way any of this is ever going to work
is for us to act in love
towards each other
towards the people of papua new guinea
towards ourselves
did i mention this in rehearsal this evening?
i was too busy complaining ;)
5 days
start memorizing!
secure that blocking!
trust.peace.& hope

"do you wanna see the world/do you wanna see the world/do you wanna see the world in a different kinda way?"- the kooks

Monday, April 27, 2009

Xavier Rudd & Sunday Rehearsal

seven days
in seven days we will be flying across that big beautiful Queen of an ocean
all the way around the world
how intoxicating!
& mesmerizing
as my last extended flight was from that one broken place called Spain
into the arms of those people i love called my family
i miss them now
i see them so rarely
& love them so much
& somehow they have patience for me
as my dear old mum says to me last night
"oh yes well you know i support you in everything you do, yet i really can't wait until all this traveling shit* is over with" (* i won't edit my words nor the ones of those around me, sorry)
& this is why i go
because there is such a world to be seen
to be felt, touched, tasted, smelled, held, experienced
because my soul belongs to nothing but hope, passion, & love
because God did not create us so that we should live in this world separately
but rather so that we might live together
unfortunately different seems to mean separate, & separatism doesn't seem to be good for anyone
so i challenge myself
& all who venture with & among me
to pursue our beautiful earth with the desire to live here, there, & everywhere
differently together
men na mari olgeta
men & women all together
"all together now" (oh it's such a wondrous Beatles song, i hope to teach it to those we meet in papua new guinea)
& another song of wonder would be xavier rudd's "the letter"
a sweetly sung soul of a song with a dash of blues truth, it's incredible!
with such lyrics as:

"& I'll write you a letter
With everything I know
About the weight of the world
& the way things could go
So live up my friend
Step back again
For some things will be given
For some you'll have to bend"

for some reason his songs on his album "food in the belly" feed my soul while i prepare for png
we, jessie, nichole, karith, sarah, stephen, whitney, jordan, emily, rhett, jere, & myself
we prepare our pieces; our lines, our blocking, our intentions, our hearts, & our purpose
i pray amidst all this preparation
we remember the Truth in WHY we're doing what we're doing
because we love God/we love theatre/we love people
we love people through theatre
through theatre we love people
rasa srinvara
always srinvara-ing
always breathing hoping & amamas-ing

for now,
moning sistas na bratas,