Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Negating Negativity

we leave on monday
& in my opinion
we all complain too much
except for jere & sarah
they don't really ever complain
so essentially
what complaining & grumpiness does exist
needs to at least be less common & our joyful rememberance of our purpose more prominent
despite finals stress & "packing to leave the country stress"
we all need a shift in heart & mind
because the only way any of this is ever going to work
is for us to act in love
towards each other
towards the people of papua new guinea
towards ourselves
did i mention this in rehearsal this evening?
i was too busy complaining ;)
5 days
start memorizing!
secure that blocking!
trust.peace.& hope

"do you wanna see the world/do you wanna see the world/do you wanna see the world in a different kinda way?"- the kooks

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